20 years ago if you asked anyone that cars could drive themselves you would get an answer back saying ya right, did you go back to the future Marty? Well we’re in the future now with Tesla, Google and others leading the way. The first thing is designers stop believing […]

Ok you want to start your own Website (or you already have many websites online), the first question you have to ask yourself is: do I host it myself or put it into the cloud??? It doesn’t matter what the website is (at the moment: blog, Twitter connection, Facebook add […]

Yes you guest right! Blcomp.com is finally back under our control, no-one is holding it ransom anymore… it almost came to litigation most likely spanning many years and expense… but we got it back…. Yeah!!! And with it we are going to expand the services and programming…. Thought of an online  BBS […]

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